March 31, 2017

Senior Class Counselors

Dear Counselor:

The Desk and Derrick Club of San Antonio was founded over 50 years ago in order to provide learning opportunities to employees of the oil and gas industry.   Because we strongly believe that education is a powerful and necessary tool for success, our club created a scholarship fund.  This year we will award scholarships again to graduating seniors from a public school, charter school, or home school in Bexar County or adjacent county.

Please encourage students to apply for these scholarships.  The scholarship recipients may be students who have excelled academically with a minimum 3.0 grade average.  Students may be ones who radiate leadership qualities but may not necessarily have been involved in many extracurricular activities or community service because of financial and/or other personal circumstances. We are seeking students who strive to reach for their goals despite their personal situations.

Please advise your student applicants to print the scholarship application and instructions from our website at and complete in its entirety.  Packet with scholarship application, sealed transcript, and sealed recommendations must be postmarked by April 30, 2017, and sent via U.S. mail to:

Desk and Derrick

Attention: Kathy Johnson

PO Box 782228

San Antonio, TX 78278

Incomplete applications or applications received after the deadline will not be considered, NO EXCEPTIONS.

We appreciate and thank you for all that you and all educators do in educating the children in our area.


Sue Weaver

President, Desk and Derrick Club of San Antonio

Click this link to access the scholarship form: